Gearing up for fall salmon – Already?

So much going on right now; Columbia River Springers, Cowlitz River Steelhead, Cutthroat Trout, not to mention many anglers are gearing up for the lowland lake opener. So is it crazy to start thinking about the fall? Sure, we have a lot of fishing to do between now and 5 months from now, but consider this; it is a Pink salmon year. Hopefully, Coho to follow will be more consistent than last year.

I will certainly talk about a lot of other things between now and the fall, however I do like to be prepared. I am always working on my gear, product selection and stock.

My go to lure for both of these tasty fish is the Dick Nite Spoon. How often has the season been upon you and suddenly you are short on the right size and your color selection? When we have a Humpy year, Dick Nite Spoons, especially in size #1, fly off the shelves. Remember, even though Dick Nite is a Northwest company, their spoons are sold throughout the US and used for a wide variety of species.

I would suggest you start stocking up now. It is far less of a hit on your wallet if you start buying a handful each time you go to the tackle store.
We are working on some new video, which will show various setups and rigs for the Dick Nite Spoon. Most importantly we will show footage of the correct action for optimum fishing. But don’t wait for the video to start stocking up now. In fact, I would suggest you constantly keep your tackle supply stocked and prepared for what is coming up rather than what is going on at the time.