Trout Madness Countdown

The trout opener is less than 12 hours away!  Trout fishing madness is coming whether you are ready or not.  The boat ramps will surely be full and it will be difficult to find a parking spot when you do get your boat in the water.  Docks and lakeside spots will be full. So are you ready?  Do you have a game plan?

It is not too late.  If you do not have all your gear in order scramble to the store and get those last minute items!  Most importantly getting up early and getting on the water early is the best plan you can have this late in the game.  Of course you an always let the morning madness pass and hit the water in the late morning or even mid to late afternoon.

Trolling Dick Nite Spoons in #2 and #0 are a must if you like to troll.  For those who like to sit still, grab the Berkley Powerbait!  Orange sparkle and pink sparkle are an early season favorite.

Do not forget Three Rivers Marine is having a big sale on Trout related items tomorrow, and the doors open at 6am!

I hope everyone has a good time.  Remember if you are taking a kid fishing, make it more about their experience than yours.  You will help create memories that will last a lifetime.

Post your pictures to our Facebook page!  We want to see your opening weekend catch.

Good luck!