Fuel Prices Forced a Change

Fuel prices are seriously getting out of control.  Whether you know this or not, fuel prices at the marina cost even more than what you find at the gas station.  Not to mention fueling our vehicles, we have to fuel our boats with ethanol free gasoline, otherwise we will have big problems with injectors, rings and more. 

Some sport fishing guides and charters have instituted a fuel surcharge.  Some have decided to increase the price of fishing trips.  We have decided to have a slight price increase as well.  This allows for a more consistent price for our clients.

Additionally, we have aligned our prices to match both private and shared boats. So if you want the boat to be private, you just have to have a minimum of 4 anglers for all trips, with the exception of bass fishing.  We offer our bass fishing trips priced by the boat only, with a max of 2 anglers. 

Hopefully, fuel prices will bee corrected in the future.  As prices adjust and come back to normal, we will assess our prices again and make appropriate adjustments.  It is unfortunate and we do not increase our prices on a whim.

For all of our clients who have already booked for 2022, we will honor the original prices, when they booked.

Hope to see you on the water in 2022.